You are the master of your life…. Design it well! I am bringing to you in the new year 5 challenges to help design your best life! The first of the challenges is creating a vision board~ one of my favorite things to do!Challenge #1Vision Board Intention – What is it you want, what is […]

Design it Well ~ Vision Boards

Create and live your perfect day We have spent the last couple of weeks reflecting on our accomplishments, our frustrations, our joys. We considered intentional questions around Action, Love, Impact, Positivity and Change and how answers to those questions create a framework for living our best life. To end the year and start our journey […]

Just one more thing to do

Intentional Identification Alchemiss Design is all about designing your best life and I am so excited to start this year with you! I thought I would start the year with a few weekly challenges that will help identify YOU! We will Identify Priorities, Core Values, Wants/Want not, Habits, Bucket Lists, and more. If we start […]

Intentional Identification

What is your life’s work? What is the most important work you will ever do in this lifetime? Some say it’s your profession that allows you to earn money to live your life. Some say it’s parenting- raising your children – teaching them to be better spouses, humans -at least better than we were. I […]

What is your life’s work?

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One of my besties was visiting from California this past week.  She is one of the most positive people I know so when she said “I am doing a 30-day positivity challenge with my husband” I was taken a back?  Really? She proceeded to tell me that she has been bogged down with life, relationships […]

The Power of Positivity

Summer is great and all, but after a while the suns heat and 98% humidity can wear a little thin. I dream of cooler temperatures to bring out my boots and comfy sweaters.  I love the changing of the season and excited to embrace the upcoming FALL. I’m here to help you realize just how […]

Fall In Love with Fall

Live this day! I received a wonderful book for my birthday and I just happened to open it up this morning and began reading! It was about the true power of embracing a day, an hour, and a moment. I began to think about the starts, stops, and pauses in my life and new chances. […]


Challenge #3 Balancing the “Self” Welcome to Challenge 3! There are 4 Areas of Self that I believe when lived to the fullest create your BEST SELF- your BEST ME – Your BEST YOU. All areas of self are founded on the common notion that we operate from a place of sincere unconditional love and […]

Balancing the “SELFS”

Challenge #4 Defining your Priorities (Familial Priorities) According to the online dictionary, the word familial means “of, relating to, or suggestive of a family.” In modern times, a family can take on many different forms. Additionally, a family may include just immediate family or may stretch beyond the boundary to include extended family as […]

Defining your Familial Priorities

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Challenge #4 Defining your Priorities (Social Priorities) According to the online dictionary, the word social means (a) “of, relating to, or designed for sociability” and (b) “of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society.” In essence, your social […]

Defining your Social Priorities

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