Live this day!

I received a wonderful book for my birthday and I just happened to open it up this morning and began reading! It was about the true power of embracing a day, an hour, and a moment. I began to think about the starts, stops, and pauses in my life and new chances.

How many new beginnings have you had in your lifetime? How many chances to start again, to try something different, to redefine yourself, to change direction? Luckily we are granted a new beginning with each new year, each new job, new friendship, new dress, new season…. each and every new breath. We get to start anew every single time we wake up, pull down the covers and feel the floor under our feet.

Celebrate the beginning of something new with each new breath…. it does not require much. It is a choice- be grateful and delighted that you get to be in this world today!

What can you start choosing to do today? Inspire me!
My best for your new beginnings!
With love always
Leah xoxo

And don’t forget where attention goes – energy flows

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