Summer is great and all, but after a while the suns heat and 98% humidity can wear a little thin. I dream of cooler temperatures to bring out my boots and comfy sweaters.  I love the changing of the season and excited to embrace the upcoming FALL. I’m here to help you realize just how fantastic fall is. From tall boots to pumpkin pies, its time to fall in love with FALL.  Here are my top reasons to celebrate the upcoming season with JOY and thanks.

  1. Layers – layers and more layers—Tis the season. Leggings, boots & of course flannels, scarves and chunky sweaters. Confession- I am a scarf hoarder. I love the wrap blanket scarfs and disappearing cozy with a cup of hot chocolate.  Not sure how to layer- it’s easy – start with a tank, then add a button down or if its really cold – a long sleeve shirt.  Then add a chunky sweater or cardigan, throw on a scarf and you are good to go! I love mixing stripes, and plaids with leopard prints and throwing on a solid to anchor.  My style just went from wearing as little as possible so the heat doesn’t turn me into a puddle to lumberjack chic real quick.
  1. Decorating – Although nothing compares decorating for Christmas …Oh my – just saying that makes me smile. I do find Fall aesthetics so rich and warm. I love the changing of the leaves, the deep jewel tones of the fall, and the crispness in the air. I love decorating around the home with leaves, lights and neutral fall décor (think pumpkins, pillows, throw blankets, candles and fresh fall flowers).  My favorite room to bring fall into the home is the dining room.  The dining room table gives me the perfect canvas to decorate for the thanksgiving feast.  I love using textures (furs, linen, acorns and crystals) pattern dishes and complimentary linen napkins with of course my favorite give thanks napkin rings!  Oh JOY!!
  1. Eating– The season for eating and Pumpkin EVERYTHING. Everything about it makes me so happy. It’s hard to find a product out there that doesn’t have a PUMPKIN version.  I saw pumpkin licorice the other day- crazy.  -Have you tried pumpkin donuts? I strongly recommend. Other than Pumpkin there are some great runner ups– Apple pie, cinnamon, hot chocolate, baked goods and chili.   Oh and let’s not forget about the Halloween candy and Thanksgiving turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.  So many reasons to be thankful.
  1. Living– Two of my favorite holidays are celebrated this season — Halloween & Thanksgiving -Dressing up and eating candy? Yes. Football in the front yard? Count me in. Watching family movies, cuddling, popcorn and hot chocolate? Absolutely. Bring it on. Family and Fun there’s nothing like getting together with your most loved people, playing board games and hanging out. To be so blessed. ​​

What does a self care junkie, enneagram 3, book in my hand love?  

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