Challenge #4 Defining your Priorities (Social Priorities)

According to the online dictionary, the word social means (a) “of, relating to, or designed for sociability” and (b) “of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society.”

In essence, your social priorities may include “being social,” like spending time with friends and may also include doing things for “the social good,” like charity work.

Here are just a few examples of social priorities:

• You want to be better about sending your friend’s handwritten notes. (Supports your craving for a more personal connection with important people in your life.)

• You want to join Facebook to keep in better touch with old friends. (Supports your craving for a more personal connection with important people in your life.)

• You want to encourage your coworkers to meet for drinks on Thursday nights after work. (Supports bonding with your colleagues outside the office, and builds your relationships with them.)

• You want our family to work in the downtown soup kitchen once a month (Supports your local charities and community.)

Ultimately, whenever your make choices about how to live your life, your social priorities should be right there with you.

Remember, in every moment of your life, you live in choice! So you want to ensure you make decisions that will allow you to live your best life. But don’t worry – your social priorities and core values will act not only as a filter to keep out the bad (clutter) but also as a compass to lead you in the best direction: toward serenity, as defined by you.

To help you identify your social priorities, please answer the questions below with an open heart and mind.

Social Priorities

Answer the following questions.

1) Set timers for five minutes and allow your thoughts to flow freely. During the allotted time, list any social priorities that spring to mind.

2) Review the list of social priorities you brainstormed for the questions above. Pick your top five and write them below.

3) Review the list of five social priorities you brainstormed for the question above. Pick the one that is most important to you and write it below.

Then write it somewhere you can see it daily– manifest it into being! Energy goes where attention flows- so throw up your hands and bring it to the heart center … give it the attention it needs to become the framework around which all other choices will be made!

Here’s to you ~
love xoxo

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