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If you are tired of being stuck and in search of something more, something better you are in the right place!


I am so glad you are here. Want to start feeling better right now. Having more confidence? Decluttering your life? Making more progress on your goals? Download the free resources below to support you on your journey to a more fulfilled, more joyous you!  

Killer Confidence

Join me on this 3 part mini course where I will teach you not only what confidence is *spoiler alert* it’s not what you think. I will also teach you how to cultivate it. I believe that confidence is the key to living a life free from people pleasing, free from permission, free from worry, doubt and overwhelm. Take this free mini-course and rediscover your renewed sense of self. 

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25 Transformative Thoughts

Do you want to know the secret of super successful people? It’s not what they do. It’s not how smart they are. It’s not luck. It’s not genetic. It’s how they think. Want to get inside the brain of super successful people? Download your 25 Transformative Thoughts today.  

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Declutter Quiz 

Is clutter stealing your best life? I am not talking about just the physical stuff. I am talking about mental, emotional, behaviorial, and temporial clutter. Take this Clutter quiz to determine how clutter is affecting your time, money, energy, and your JOY. On top of that, I’m going to give you tips to help you de-clutter your life so that you can be free to live it. 

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5 Areas of

This digital guide will help you identify and reduce the 5 areas of clutter and help you break through the mental and physical barriers that hold you back!

Your Live Lighter Guide

#1 Business and Life Coach

Unapologetic, imperfectly perfect me. A lucky wife and mama of three amazing boys. I am an author, speaker, entrepreneur coach, quantum life coach, business coach, selfologist and lover of life.

I am going to let you in on a little secret- I didn’t used to be me and I didn’t love my life. I used to be what everyone wanted me to be. I was a people pleaser and a worry connoisseur.

I spent a good part of my life being resentful, feeling guilty, unworthy, and hating myself and my life for it. Until coaching found me. Now I get the honor of helping thousands of people just like you who want something more for their life, something better.

I help people cross the bridge from their stuck self to their becoming self through cognitive practices, neuroscience, and human behavior change.

I am first and foremost me!


I held tight to strong convictions that if I was smarter, more athletic, more popular, prettier that my dad would come back and be part of my life. This was exhausting and unfortunately, unsuccessful. 

My story really began the moment I realized that my worth was not dictated by anyone else.  

People think that they want better relationships but they don’t – what they want is a framework around what it means to connect to people in a meaningful, authentic way.  People think that they want more money but what they want is a framework around what is needed to show up with the courage to offer their genius and the confidence to charge what they are worth. People think they have to suffer to accomplish a goal. But that is never the way. People don’t lose weight, create wealth, grow their business, be a better parent, spouse, or friend by suffering in action. It’s not about knowing what to do or how to do it ~ all of that will come when you know where to look for the answers.

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Guacamole obsessed, Leo, enneagram 3, boy mom, unapologetically imperfect.

If there’s one thing I could convince every single person in the world to believe it would be that they are complete. They are 100% worthy. Their lovability is absolute. Their value is set. It really is.


Now, not everyone in the world wants to hear what I have to say, but since you’re here and reading this, I’ll just try to convince you. YOU ARE WORTHY. You are.

Do you know what this means? 

This means that if other people don’t recognize your lovability it’s not because you are not lovable. It’s not because you should be better. It’s not because there is anything wrong with you. It’s simply because sometimes as human beings we have a hard time accepting and loving one another. It comes from our own fears and insecurities. 

We become more confident when we know, acknowledge and understand our fears, and insecurities.  
Other people, things, experiences, “failures” don’t make us insecure. WE DO! 

If this is true, guess what else is true. 

Other people, things, experiences, certifications don’t make us confident. WE DO! Confidence is a game changer and it has a ripple effect in every area of your life. Confidence is just one of the many areas we work on! Want to have killer confidence ! Let me show you how. 

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Program for women seeking more for their life.

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