Mastermind will get started on Thursday, January 6th at noon CST.

Week 1: Learning the BE method not as a concept but an experience

Week 2: How life works and the lies we believe

Week 3: Environment, Time, Money, Body and the scarcity that we have around all of it

Week 4: Coherence -Stress, Fears, and Fun

Week 5: The Rollercoaster - Navigating your trauma loop AKA your sabotaging loop (My favorite part of the Mastermind)

Week 6: The Rollercoaster- Navigating your trauma loop -unraveling the patterns and programming you created

Week 7: The Rollercoaster- Navigating your trauma loop - healing and uninstalling and reprogramming

Week 8: Creating your reality - Living what you know

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Seeking something more for your life, your business, your family.

Tired of constantly self-sabotaging yourself.

​Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed, Unworthy, or Not good enough.

Constantly running some version of scarcity- not enough time, not enough money, not enough experiences.

Spending more time thinking about your past than your future

Unable to set inspiring goals that are challenging and fun. Did you know you could have both?

Unable to grow your business in the way and with the speed you want.

Exhausted running, chasing, doing to never see the results you want.

Tired of looking, searching, praying for solutions that never come.

Feeling that there is something wrong with you and that you need to be fixed.

Tired of feeling indebted to a person, cause, or place.

Tired of being resentful of the people that just don’t get it.

Tired of doing it all.

The Problems Customers Are Facing

The customer could be:

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The Solutions That The Mastermind Course Provides

BE validated, seen, and heard.

BE able to trust your inner knowing.

BE free to do and create what you really want, not what you think everybody wants you to.

BE able to better manage your emotions, your mind, and your time.

BE willing to claim your genius

BE focused on the possibilities of your future​

BE abundant in all things

BE able to create time with your mind

BE ALL IN with a solution that you are 100% in control of

BE part of an incredible group of amazing individuals that have like-minded goals and similar challenges.

BE entitled to expect what you want and ask for what you need.

BE able to set boundaries and accountability

BE specific in your vision for your future

BE prepared to handle difficult people and conversations

BE better business-minded

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