You are the master of your life…. Design it well! I am bringing to you in the new year 5 challenges to help design your best life! The first of the challenges is creating a vision board~ one of my favorite things to do!Challenge #1Vision Board Intention – What is it you want, what is […]

Design it Well ~ Vision Boards

Create and live your perfect day We have spent the last couple of weeks reflecting on our accomplishments, our frustrations, our joys. We considered intentional questions around Action, Love, Impact, Positivity and Change and how answers to those questions create a framework for living our best life. To end the year and start our journey […]

Just one more thing to do

Intentional Identification Alchemiss Design is all about designing your best life and I am so excited to start this year with you! I thought I would start the year with a few weekly challenges that will help identify YOU! We will Identify Priorities, Core Values, Wants/Want not, Habits, Bucket Lists, and more. If we start […]

Intentional Identification

What is your life’s work? What is the most important work you will ever do in this lifetime? Some say it’s your profession that allows you to earn money to live your life. Some say it’s parenting- raising your children – teaching them to be better spouses, humans -at least better than we were. I […]

What is your life’s work?

entrepreneur coach in iowa

One of my besties was visiting from California this past week.  She is one of the most positive people I know so when she said “I am doing a 30-day positivity challenge with my husband” I was taken a back?  Really? She proceeded to tell me that she has been bogged down with life, relationships […]

The Power of Positivity

Summer is great and all, but after a while the suns heat and 98% humidity can wear a little thin. I dream of cooler temperatures to bring out my boots and comfy sweaters.  I love the changing of the season and excited to embrace the upcoming FALL. I’m here to help you realize just how […]

Fall In Love with Fall

Everything that we have gone through in our life has prepared us for what is ahead and what is right in front of us. If we have made peace with these hardships, and heartaches we will find it easier to work through the next curve ball. If they remain heavy in our hearts and thoughts […]

Sharing is Healing

This means that I exist—live and breathe with the feelings that arise when I make a mistake, but that I don’t hold them over my head. It means that I’m dedicated to my life, my family and my clients… and my own personal growth. Mistakes…they happen! I am not suggesting it’s okay to continue forward […]

Don’t Take Myself Too Seriously

Have you ever pulled away from something in order to not get hurt? Have you ever closed off an idea or a person because the unknown was too risky? What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail again? Have you thought you were not enough? I started my blog with my life’s principles—the second […]

Intimacy in Vulnerability

My approach to design/coaching, whether it be for home or life, is personal and intimate. I dive below the surface to uncover what it is that you want, who you are, and why you want what you want. It is vulnerable but necessary in order to truly understand your heart’s needs. It is in this […]

My Life is Where My Heart is

What does a self care junkie, enneagram 3, book in my hand love?  

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