Ok- so everybody will probably agree that it’s much easier to gain weight than lose it. It doesn’t take any real effort to gain weight it just kind of shows up. But you’re acutely aware of the effort it takes to drop weight. And this heightened awareness of the effort sometimes makes it feel like you’re not progressing very much. Of course, we all want the process to happen fast, faster than possible even. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook the progress that isn’t up to your expectations. Any progress is good progress. Making a positive forward movement with your body takes a serious effort, so any noticeable change is something to be proud of. Something to celebrate!! Clothes fitting looser, getting back into smaller clothes you couldn’t wear. The clothes fit better. Small changes in weight, changes in measurements, a new line of definition you can spot when looking in the mirror…any and all progress is good progress. Joyful acceptance of these changes (small and large) fuels your subconscious with love ~ it then creates a mindset of health and admiration that support your goals!

But it’s not just the external changes ….. what we forget to measure and celebrate are the unseen health gains….. blood sugar stabilization, steady blood pressure, good cholesterol levels (HDL/LDL), reduced inflammation, and cortisol and insulin levels in check!!! These health benefits while less measurable than inches are vital to your health. Give yourself credit for everything that moves you forward. This will build momentum from one day to the next and keep you in a mindset of empowerment.

If you ever are doubting you’re why…. Just ask!
My best your best
Leah ~ xoxo

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