Is your home a peaceful haven?

In the spirit of de-cluttering – Look at your home. Is it a place where you really want to live? Is it comfortable and joyous, or is it cramped and messy? If you don’t feel good about it you are never going to enjoy it. Your home is a reflection of you. What state is it in? Clean out your closets and refrigerator. Take all the stuff in the closets that you haven’t worn in a while and sell it, give it away. Get rid of it so that you can breathe. People who have cluttered spaces…. closets, refrigerators, pantries, cars, etc… have cluttered minds. Make your home – make your spaces wonderful places!!
In order for us to bring in the new we need to get rid of the old. However- at least for me bringing in the new does not mean acquiring more things!! It actually means the opposite- Simplify. I want to remove it so that I have room to breathe in peace and awareness and not get lost in the “stuff”
When do you think about the word “clutter” what springs to mind?
Nine times out of ten, your answer is likely to be “stuff” in your space: piles of paper on the desk, clusters of toys on the rug, mounds of mail on the kitchen counter, stacks of magazines on the sofa, and piles of laundry on the bed.
Making your home a peaceful haven is as simple as considering the following question:
What is your home is the most troublesome, frustrating area as far as clutter is concerned? When it comes to organizing, always start with the biggest, most annoying area … for me it’s always the garage. Why? I think for me when I pull my car into this space I either feel light (when it’s organized) or heavy (when it’s full of bikes, bats, and basketballs) After you have tackled that area move to the second, third, and fourth spot, and so on. The reason for this is twofold: Once you tackle the top spot, (a) it will motivate you to keep going, and (b) you will open a larger space in your life than you would have by tackling a smaller project initially – a space that will allow you to breathe, create, grow, plan, play, or do whatever you want to do with the newfound openness.
What spot will you start on?

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