Better is Better

Are you kidding me? Tired, stressed and weight gain… what gives?
It must be the season of metabolic and hormonal disruption! I have heard from so many of my clients that they have gained weight—maybe just a couple but some 5 – 10 or more pounds in the last month.
They feel tired and stressed, and quite frankly they are sick of it!! I am right in that mix!!
This has caused me to take a serious look at my own nutrition and my own exercise regimen…Not to mention the programming and the nutritional advice I was giving to my clients.

There are 2 primary mistakes I was making and I see most people make when it comes to fat loss — mistakes that totally kill their metabolism, slow fat loss, and can even accelerate fat gain.
One of them involves what we eat and another involves how we exercise. Almost all of us are doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing. I am now convinced. If working out more worked …. Or eating less worked…. We would not be in the state we are in.

More or less is not better—better is better!!!

What’s sad is these 2 mistakes are things that we think are actually helping our metabolism… when in fact all we are doing is slowing it to a crawl, aging faster, draining our energy, and driving up our hunger.

Good news ~ I am working on what is better!!! What is better nutrition? What is better exercise? Debunking some of the myths and exploring lovingly this journey of life.

My blog’s purpose is to inspire a life loved. A life that is happy and healthy. There can be no healing without teaching~ Changing your life for the better takes time, study, design, and application.

The simple fact is that we create our tomorrows by the way we live today, and we live today ruled by our every thought and action. The laws of the body, mind, and soul govern our thoughts. I look to explore these laws- these life’s truths in everything I post and share. The journey to health and happiness is different for each of us but it is most worthy of our effort.

I am ready for a new metabolism and the vitality that I know we all deserve and crave!!!

If you’ve ever been frustrated that all of your hard work, crash diets, crazy pills, and insane, long exercises haven’t worked, stay tuned!!

Here are some of the topics you can expect in the next couple of months…

The #1 mistake that causes your hunger and appetite to go wildly out of control…

Why losing fat as you age gets harder and harder (and what to do about it)…

How to work with your metabolism — instead of against it

Let me know what you need…. and I will add it to the mix….and as always if you want to know more about these simple truths and how to apply them to your life I am just a message away!

My best for your best…
Leah~ xoxo

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