Challenge 2 – Core Values

To know thyself is to design thyself! Challenge #2 Identifying Your Core Values helps map your way. You see deep down inside, you are driven by a set of core values and principles. For example, maybe you are motivated by one or more of the following: faith, family, excellence, independence, and love. These are just a few of the many choices!

It’s important to identify your core values from the get-go, and to always…

• Trust them to help you make decisions, including what to purchase, what to purge, and how to use your time.
• Infuse them into your habits and routines, such as what time you go to bed and how often you keep in touch with family and friends.
• Stick to them, no matter what short-term or long-term challenges you face.

So, have you ever defined your core values? Determined the pulse of your life? I use the words “define” and “determine” because it’s not enough to simply have an idea of what your core values are – you must be crystal clear about your core values so that you can make crystal-clear decisions about how you want to live.

The bottom line- in every moment of your life, you live in choice.

• The choice to add another commitment you can’t really handle – or the choice not to.
• The choice to buy one more thing you don’t really need – or the choice not to.
• The choice to waste precious moments you really shouldn’t – or the choice not to.

Identifying and using your core values – your pulse – will help you make smart choices all around.

In order to help you pinpoint your core values, please complete the following exercise with an open heart and mind.

Anxious to hear about your core values! I’ll post mine to FB!

Much love to you-
Leah ~ xoxo

Assignment #2 – Core Values

Circle all the values that best describe you, or add your own values in the “other” category. Then, identify your top five values, your top three values, and your number-one value of all.

Abundance Experience Kindness Service
Acceptance Expertise Leadership Simplicity
Achievement Fairness Love Sincerity
Adventure Faith Loyalty Solitude
Altruism Fame Magnificence Spirituality
Ambition Family Money Status
Appreciation Fitness Nature Strength
Authenticity Focus Nurture Tolerance
Authority Freedom Order Travel
Balance Friendship Passion Trust
Belonging Happiness Personal Growth Truth
Challenge Harmony Power Variety
Character Health Privacy Wholeness
Charity Helping Others Productivity Wisdom
Choice Honesty Promotion Zest
Collaboration Honor Reality __________
Commitment Hope Recognition Other
Community Humility Respect __________
Compassion Humor Responsibility Other
Competition Imagination Rest __________
Connection Independence Results Other
Contribution Influence Risk __________
Creativity Integrity Romance Other
Education Intellect Routine __________
Equality Intuition Safety Other
Excellence Joy Security __________
Excitement Justice Self-Expression

From this list, these From this list, these From this list, this is
are my Top 5 are my Top 3 my No. 1 Value:
Values: Values:
1) _____________ 1) ______________ 1) _______________

2)_____________ 2) ______________

3) _____________ 3) ______________

4) _____________

5) _____________

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