Monday- Generosity- What’s a specific way that I can be more generous with my time, energy, or resources this upcoming year?
What simple, small and specific things can you do to add to the value of someone else’s life? Can you do something, give something away, pay for something? Think about doing something unexpected or anonymously – blow someones mind.

Tuesday: Learning
What valuable idea, tip, strategy or lesson have I learned recently and how do I plan on applying it?
Have you recently learned something valuable from a book , experience, observation, conversation, or even a child? How can you use what you learned in your mind, can you think of a specific scenario where you can apply it?

Wednesday: Accomplishments:
What have I accomplished recently that I’m really proud of? And what thinking or behavior allowed me to accomplish it?
Have you created something, finished a project helped someone out , completed a task you’ve been putting off? What’s one identifiable thought or behavior that you feel helped to motivate you to accomplish what you did?

Thursday: Happiness
What makes me really happy? Why does it make me happy? And how can I experience it more often?
Think of a person, place or experience that makes you happy- identify what specifically about it that makes you feel happy does it make you laugh- does it teach you something- does it allow you to effect others’ lives? What can you do to experience it more often?

Friday: Amazing
What’s amazing in my life, why is it amazing? And what made it possible?
Are you amazed at who your kids have become, an obstacle you’ve overcome recently, or something going well in your life? Think about why it amazes you? What did you do to make this amazing thing possible and how can you use that insight again in your life?

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