As we close out 2018 and get ready for the new year I like to think about what went well and well what could have gone better.  I am not a big New Year resolution person but I am a huge believer in setting intentions regularly and checking in mindfully.  I am intending 2019 to continue to helping others  and myself break out of comfort zones- growing, overcoming resistance and breaking through. 

“the temptation to quit will always be the greatest right before you succeed”  proverb

  1. Ahh… No worries – life is good. COMFORT
  2. HMM… Maybe I can … Starting Monday…  I’m going to change this…. GROWTH
  3. YIKES… I’m uncomfortable… I should give up!  This positive change feels negative …. RESISTANCE
  4. WOW… I did it!  This is awesome!  Nothing can stop me!  BREAKTHROUGH

I put together some daily questions that I hope will inspire not only me but any of you that seek something/anything different in the upcoming year. 

Daily Power Questions

Monday: ACTION- What single action can I do today that will move me closer to my dreams?

Think of a dream or goal you currently have that you’d like to achieve someday.  List some of actions you need to complete to achieve it- write them down.  Choose one of those actions and do it today- no matter what!

Tuesday: LOVE – How can I show someone I love that I love them- What can I do that will pleasantly surprise them?

Think of all the people you love- your spouse, kids, parents or friends.  Who needs an unexpected display of love more than you love them?

Wednesday: IMPACT- What’s something specific I can do to change someone’s life today?  Who’s live do you have the ability to impact- family, students, customers, readers or even strangers?  What could you give one or more of them that would be a big deal to them- your time, your skills, your money or other resources (something you sell or make) ?

Thursday: POSITIVITY- What positive thing will pay attention to today more than anything else?

Reflect on some of the positive things you’ll have the opportunity to experience today – something about the people, your environment, your pets, your routine.  Choose one, and focus on how awesome it is, how often you experience it, and how it makes you feel. 

Friday: CHANGE- What could I change today that would have the most significant impact on my life/business. 

Do the biggest challenges you face relate to how you manage your life, money, health, relationships, or business?  Identify one of your biggest challenges and change one thing about your thinking or actions that can minimize or eliminate that challenge.

Here’s to your break through – xoxo 



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