As you may know… I love the holiday season!  I love decorating, being with family and yes I LOVE the spirit of giving!  As your focus turns towards the upcoming holiday season, commit to giving with intention and mindfulness. Gifts that truly do celebrate the person receiving the gifts. As my mom always says… It’s the thought that counts. I love to think about their hobbies, favorite colors, upcoming travel plans.  Do they cook, sew, read, workout… what do they LOVE?

Here are some of my favorite ideas….

  •  Yes, that’s right- the gift of TIME. Set up a coffee date, dinner date or day out together. It doesn’t matter what you do during the time, as long as your phone is silenced and put away, being present with those you love is the best present of all.
  • A Letter. This is special for anyone- parents, children, spouses, friends- we crave to know that our loved ones do value us. It doesn’t have to be perfectly crafted, just heartfelt thoughts. (this is a good reminder for me for sure)  
  • Acts Of Service. Know something they need done? Mow their yard, clean the house, cook a meal for them- even running errands is a huge blessing in the lives of others.  This is a lot of peoples love language so serve lovingly! 
  • A Simple Care Package. Get things that you know will pamper them- their favorite beverage and snack, a movie to watch or book to read. Keep it simple, think of them enjoying a night in and what would work well for that.
  • Yoga Mat and DVD. Choose a high-quality eco-friendly yoga mat like if you know the person’s lifestyle, pick out a DVD to go with it. 
  •  If you have parents with little ones on your gift list- this is one of the best gifts you can give. Offer to go to their home, so you can get the kids to bed in their own beds and the parents can come home to a quiet house, completing their evening off-duty.
  • Massage or spa day. This works for your spouse, daughter or girlfriends. Do it yourself- having a mother/daughter day or girls-night-in is a great time to give mani-pedis, indulge in special foods and visit.
  •  Most people love journals or notebooks. There are so many to choose from but for writers, get the ruled lined paper… for artists get plain paper.  Include a fun pen and/or some battery operated lights around the notebook!
  • Baked Goods. If you love to bake- everyone else loves to eat it! A nice box of homemade cookies, cupcakes or quick breads is always pleasant to receive.
  • Books are wonderful gifts- there are some awesome children’s books, self-help books, inspirational and fiction- pick something based on the person you need to gift to. If they are an avid reader, books will be very meaningful to them.
  • Hobby Supplies.Buying a coloring book for the colorist, or a quality tool for the craftsmen is always appreciated. It doesn’t matter if it’s one “small” item, often times having someone splurge on something very high quality is a big deal to the gift-receiver.
  • Fresh Herbs.If you have a chef in your gift list, consider an herb garden– having fresh herbs to put into culinary creations, especially homegrown, seem to taste so much better.
  • Cookies Of The Month Club. There are clubs you can pay for, but it will mean a lot more if you make them and deliver them yourself. Gift them their first box for Christmas and let them know that 11 more will follow. I don’t bake but I would LOVE this one!
  • Plan An Experience Together. Having experiences to look forward to is one of the joys of life. Whether they enjoy a sports game or comedy night, make it a priority and anticipate enjoying it together.
  • Create a photo book.Take some time to compile photos through the past year and narrate them.  I use Shutterfly to create  a memory book of experiences and events.  There are many online photo places that make it easy to create albums and/or other one of a kind gifts (coffee mugs, notebooks, pillows, quilts)

Whatever it is- if it’s in LOVE it will be received in love!  Wishing you all love, happiness and joy as you celebrate the season and the spirit of giving.  XOXO 

What does a self care junkie, enneagram 3, book in my hand love?  

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