I have enjoyed the many conversations I have had over the last couple of months as I meet and talk with possible tenants for our development out in Waukee.  I think what is unique about what we can offer is intimacy and collaboration.  We get a feel of how these business’s use their space, the efficiencies and the bottlenecks.  We collaborate with their marketing departments, and our architects and developers to create a shared vision of what the ideal space might look like.  How this space works and speaks to both the employee and the client.  This informs us in selecting every finite detail from the wall treatment to the books on the shelves. 

There has been a shift from traditional cubicle space to that of an open-plan.  This is true in both commercial and residential real-estate.  The concept of an open -plan in the commercial space allows for collaboration and engagement.  Closed- off executive offices and rows of cubicles for non-executives hardly invites dialogue that companies now identify as a requirement for innovation.  

As we work with clients that see the benefit in this layout we have created a workplace with distinct settings— café/kitchenette, reception, communal/conference areas, and workplace /office area (divided mostly by modular and movable furniture) which not only allows the spaces flexibility with changing needs but helps reduce construction costs for our tenants. 

Although the goal for the flex workspace was executive driven to increase innovation and collaboration- it was also to attract employees of all levels and give them greater visibility to leadership.  The communal space adds fresh excitement and vitality to the floor, while offering a place to network and co-create. 

This flex work setting gives employees/clients a palette of seating options- from lounge chairs to sitting and standing desks.  Each style is based on mobility, function and purpose.  Flexibility is something designers are seeing as a growing trend as traditional office spaces, planned in advance with permanent layouts, are giving way to the needs of an ever-changing work landscape. Products designed to have every element move into place and fit together without rules are at the forefront of the office of the future. Modular components can be mixed, stacked and moved around, offering innumerable combinations for a dynamic and collaborative workplace. 

As with a mindful life design- an intentional office design lends itself to higher productivity, optimized engagement and a higher quality of work life.  If you or your employer is looking for ideas around better workflow, collaboration and efficiencies connect with me.  I am on FB, Instagram and Pinterest.  I can also always be reached by phone or email: 515-865-6716   leah@alchemissdesign.com

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