I love a plan. I used to love mapping out my days, weeks and months in great detail. I loved being busy. To-do lists and project timelines were at the heart of every second of every minute of every hour of my life. To say I was a planner is an understatement…but is this what I loved or is this what I did so that I didn’t actually have to feel! There is so much imperfection in being spontaneous. There is emotion…perhaps even humor in NOT taking yourself seriously. I am working on getting better at letting go of my plan and realizing that my plan is already laid out and blessed. I am coming to see that it can be a good thing when my plan doesn’t work because it means that I’m actually more connected to what’s really happening in the moment as opposed to my limited idea of what would be best…i.e what I planned.

David Whyte said it best: “What you can plan is too small for you to live.”

What this means to me is that each moment, each interaction, each idea is big and larger than life. If I come to it with the restrictive energy of my well-intended plan, then I am suffocating the magic and learning what could have been through living in that moment. The Magic in life happens when you get out of your own way…and live the life you love, not the life that anyone else wants you to live.

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