I’ve become more interested in how “truly living” offers such a tremendous opportunity to bump up against my deeper self in ways that aren’t always comfortable, but are often liberating. Teaching, living, breathing is not about being perfect…. It’s about being yourself.  Being true to yourself—and not doing it because everyone else thinks that you should.  It’s about getting past the lines of defense to find the center… the core…the heart of you. No one knows it but you…I only know my heart.

My breath is my compass. When I can breathe easy, comfortably, naturally I am home.  When my breath is shallow and quick I feel tense and anxious…I want to run…run far away! 

When you pay attention to your breath…real connections are made. Present moment awareness and authentic acknowledgement of where you are and how you feel… not where you think you ought to be.  Not where others expect you to be. 

How much time I wasted pretending to be emotionally filled? How much time I wasted looking to someone else to fill it.  All that time I had the resources I needed to be happy in love, safe in heart and content in spirit. Why was I projecting? How much time was wasted trying to fill it with materialism and cultures praise. 

Who can create happiness, safety, contentment? Only you…and only authentic you.

This means as a human being you need to be as curious as you can about your own experience, as honest as you can about your own understanding of what’s real for you.

Not knowing is scary!! But it’s super cool because it means you are not limiting your options by thinking you have the answer!  Because if you are honest with yourself and trying to live your life as fully as you can, the reality is that you are going to be in this place of not knowing a whole hell of a lot.  So you might as well make friends with it.  Living and teaching is in the present … not in the performance.  So let’s live and teach each other on this highway of life.

What does a self care junkie, enneagram 3, book in my hand love?  

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